Luna 34; a paragon of workmanship
Luna 34; a paragon of workmanship


February 2011 – With her length of 34 feet, this small yacht is fitted with loads of special features. The Luna 34 certainly meets all of today’s demands in every single way. She is easy to handle, equipped with a timeless design, completely geared to the wishes of the modern yachtsman. Thanks to her graceful lines she is a real beauty to look at and above all: she is very affordable!


The Luna 34 really takes advantage of her size. She is a powerful and inventive little yacht, a desire for the eye with breathtaking details. The most striking feature of the Luna 34 are her panoramic windows. The magnanimous glass structure provides a great illumination angle and gives the saloon a spacious feeling. Vripack designed the Luna 34 with a cosy interior which is visible throughout the whole yacht. She comes with an intelligent layout, mostly maintenance-free materials and a saloon couch that can be transformed into a passenger seat alongside the captain’s. Next to that the Luna 34 has almost no steps which guarantees easy entry. The only steps on board take you from the saloon down to the midship section, where the head and the shower can be found on the one side and a single guest cabin on the other.


The design of the Luna 34 is completely based on target cost engineering. Target costing is a skillful process for determining and achieving a full-stream cost in order to generate the best quality for a lower price. Target costing has been implemented in the entire designing process of this little show-off. To optimize this process Vripack has also implemented its own construction method called Smart Kit®. This method saves up to 15% of metal production time, provides quicker pre-assembling of units and above all, it saves a lot of man hours resulting in lower costs and a quicker delivery. By making use of target costing in a smart way, Vripack is able to reduce costs over the entire life-cycle of this 34 footer. All in all, as a result of this increased focus the Luna 34 can be delivered within three months for a very competitive price, without making any concessions to quality! 


Technical specifications:


: 10,00 m


: 3,70 m


: 0,90 m


: 215 L


: 215 L

Black water

: 88 L


: Steel


: as of Vetus 33 hp 4 cilinder / Yanmar 53 PK


: Vripack

Naval Architect

: Vripack

Structural eng.

: Vripack

Interior Design

: Vripack


: Brandsma Jachten B.V.

CE Category

: C

Asking price

: € 125.995 incl. 19% BTW

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